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Lindbergs is one of Gothenburgs oldest sign companies, founded in the
1880s, by Victor Lindberg. He names the company Lindbergs Skyltaffär. The
main production in the company back then was labels and pharmacy signs.
After Lindberg, a man called Holger Genbeck took over the company at Norra
Hamngatan 28, Gothenburg. The company then focused on selling
hand-painted signs.
In 1945 Genbeck sold the company to Gunnar Svegelius. At this time the
company had changed its production from 
hand-painted signs to enameled
Lindbergs moves to Stureplatsen 3 in 1947.
The company moves again in 1950, this time to Haga Nygatan 7-9. 
At 1989 the company is moved to Risåsgatan. Svegelius sells
the company to current owner Mikael Juliusson. Lindbergs Skyltaffär
becames Lindbergs Skyltaffär AB, and the trademark; Lexidor, is registered.
The time of enameled signs were over, and Lindbergs was turning to
computer-driven production. Juliusson, and current CEO Olle Persson, are
the last in the company to still know the old craft. 
In 1991 Lindbergs is found on Waterloogatan.
Lindbergs moves again in 1996, to Marieholmsgatan 54, Gothenburg, were
they still are today. In 2011 the company changed facilities, but remains on
the same address. The production and company has grown over the years.