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Decorative film

Recent developments in materials and production have created almost unlimited possibilities for the use of decorative foil. We work exclusively with decorative foil from high-quality manufacturers, which ensures sustainable solutions.

Accommodation decoration
When you want to renew or repair an existing facility. Available in a variety of foil with patterns and textures that realistically mimics wood, metal, marble or leather. High flame resistance and durable against water, dirt and physical abrasion.

Furniture decoration
With a choice of over 500 different patterns and structures the variation is nearly endless. Add to that an extremely flexible film that can be used on most furniture.

Glass decoration
Glass means transparency, clarity, lightness, freshness and elegance. It is an important component of a building's architecture, such as offices, showrooms and malls. It can be used as communication media, decor, to separate public and private areas or to ensure a comfortable environment.

Vehicle decoration
Cost-effective marketing option. With the materials and technology available today imagination is almost the only thing that sets the limits.

Colored films
Very durable and the colors will last for many years. We can offer a wide range of colors. Common uses are covering of surfaces and contour-cut lettering/logos. We will help you with layout and design.

Digital printed films
Digital printing is the most flexible printing technology. The usage possibilities offer a wide choice. Wall decoration, vehicle decoration, large format printing and stickers. Since there is no limit to the design of digital printing, the imagination is the only limit! For additional durability, the digitally printed foil is protected with UV laminate after printing.