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CAD & Drawing Management


We draw from paper or CAD-basis and follow the current standard.

Printing & Laminating
We print your drawings on paper, self-adhesive foil or photoluminescent materials.
We perform plastic binding and lamination. It gives good protection and higher finish. We also have whiteboard laminate for writing boards and with anti-slip for floor mounting.

We gladly provide more information about appropriate materials.

Evacuation plan  
At work places at least one evacuation plan should be set up on each floor. The plan must show escape routes, how and when you alert the fire brigade or other assistance. It shall also show where manual alarm triggers are and where the assembly point is.   

We offer a complete product or adjustment of existing materials.

Marking  and Evacuation signage
Signs and other guidance markings should normally be set to show escape routes. Marking of an escape route shall be on the floor if there is a risk the road can be blocked. Even places where there are fire extinguishers shall be indicated by signs. 

We can help with counseling and project your facilities by making a sign plan.


Action plan 
An action plan is a decision support for the fire department. It displays information of the building, fire protection, hazard sources, business, and contact information. The drawings are divided into three levels, with input information in various levels of detail. The plan is developed under the consulation and guidance from the rescue service. 

Relation drawing

OR-drawing (Orientation drawing)

SR-drawing (Service drawing)

Sign plan/ manual

Support for building permits     
You need planning permission for the sign if the facade change will significantly affect the building's external appearance. You also need planning permission when you mount, move or significantly change signs or lighting devices. We make a layout proposal that must be attached to the planning permission documents. Forms for building permits can be found here