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4.1 INTERIOR DECORATION MARINESOLUTIONS © 2022 Lexidor AB 4.1 The marine market is very interesting but complex: interior refurbishment materials must meet specific technical criteria such as lightness, reliability and aesthetic quality. They require high flame retardant performance and excellent resistance to water, dirt and impact. They must be easy to clean and maintain. 3M™ DI-NOC™Architectural finishes meet all these design and functional requirements and are an ideal innovative solutionfor the fast refurbishment of ships. 3M™ DI-NOC™ offers unlimited creative flexibility at reduced cost, compared to traditional materials used in refurbishment. This range consists of more than 500 patterns, which reproduce wood, metal, marble, leather, stone, carbon and many others. Perfect indoors and out. On flat surfaces, or over complex curves. They can be applied on internal partitions, walls, ceilings, furniture, doors etc. providing optimal finished results. For renovations. Lightweight and self-adhering, DI-NOC Architectural finishes can be applied on site to the existing substrate, reducing labour and material cost when compared to natural materials. With DI-NOC products, you can create a whole new look, quickly and inexpensively. But not at the expense of aesthetics, thanks to their realistic resemblance to natural materials. For new construction. Use DI-NOC Architectural finishes alongside natural materials for cost savings, speed of application, durability, and the freedom of choice for you to maintain the aesthetic look you desire. Aesthetics. DI-NOC Architectural finishes realistically recreatethe effects of natural materials and laminates to an astonishingdegree. They can deliver the look you want, at the price you need. Durability. DI-NOC Architectural finishes have excellent resistance to water, dirt and wear. Covered by a 12 year warranty for indoor applications and up to 5 years for outdoors, these films utilise 3M’s advanced technology to offer outstanding quality and durability. General Before After Example Before After